Last years have witnessed a significant increase in the number of studies on Prehistory applying Complexity Science’s tools and approaches. Despite the broad disciplinary array of scientists involved in this trend, including linguistics experts, archaeologists, evolutionary biologists, mathematicians and physicists analysing human past, there are very little interdisciplinary forums for discussion.

This satellite aims to fill this gap in the context of the ECCS’13. The goal, however, is not only to address the current needs for new environments for discussing key issues and promoting new collaborations among specialists. From a longer term perspective, this satellite should increase the visibility of an emerging community within Complexity Science, and pave the way for archaeology and related disciplines to actively contribute to future events of The European Complex Systems Society.


The satellite will revolve around the current hot topics inside the arena of the past studies:

  • Processes involved in Human Dispersals
  • Cultural transmission and Social learning
  • Gene-Culture coevolution and Human Niche Construction Theory
  • Human ecodynamics.


  • James Steele (UCL Institute of Archaeology, UK)